Fitness Influencers Face Backlash For Mocking Ex-Gym-Goer, Banned From Returning There

Going to the gym can be very stressful, especially when you’re just starting out. It’s like you’re messing up every exercise, you don’t know how to mount the machines properly, everyone’s looking at you… Scary, I know.

The truth is, people at the gym rarely care what you’re doing. Apart from the rare bad apples that are Noah Bermudez collects and exposes his followers, like these two women who make fun of a man’s perfectly valid training by pointing at him, copying what he does and laughing. You know, just textbook bully stuff.

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Noah often creates content dissing gym influencers who are entitled, scary, or just general bullies

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“Yesterday I made a video about these two women pointing and mocking a man in their gym who was just trying to work out”

“They put their whole tripod just pointing at him, laughing, and copying his workout because it looked goofy. I didn’t really like that, I found that kind of cringe so I made a video about it and it was well done they deleted the original video.

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“I’m done with that, I won’t make another video. Until they sent me a DM”

“They just want to let me know that it’s not bullying. In fact, they were playfully indicating with their fingers that they were copying his workout and they weren’t bullying him, it was just funny. When I used to be laughed at, people said a lot and I always asked ‘Why?’ And they would say ‘It’s not bullying, you know, it’s just funny.’ Oh, for your amusement, I’m being laughed at. It makes everything 10 times better.”

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“Anyways, they just asked me to take down the video and I responded with what any smart person would respond”

“‘I can’t breathe without you. The town of Yapsville needs their mayor back.’ They even tried asking their friends to turn the video down. Buddy, it’s not happening. ‘Help, there’s a bomb hanging in my chest. It was about to explode any minute. What should I do?'”

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“I recently made a video about these two women bullying and taunting a man at their gym who was just trying to work out”

“They sent me a DM telling me to delete the video, I responded with what any smart, handsome man would reply and that was: ‘I can’t breathe without you. The town of Yapsville needs their mayor back.’ I have good news and I have bad news about this whole situation. The good news is, this guy sent me a DM, he’s friends with the manager and they got kicked out of the gym. Bad news is, after hearing this, I pooped my pants out of pure excitement and I have no one to change my diaper. Anyone want to do that? Mason? You want to change my diaper?”

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Watch the latest update here

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Both women have since deleted the original video but have not issued any public apology

This may sound silly, but the video is not for the faint of heart. Looking at people messing around, while pointing, miming, and just laughing at a dude doing *checking notes* stretchy hips? It’s a time capsule of looking back at the school years, where most of the bullying happens, so people who have experienced it firsthand will know what I mean.

None of the exercises are “weird”, none of what he does is “weird” at all, he just focuses on his workout. It really makes you think “Hey fellas, is working out at the gym weird?”

But you probably already know all that. What we’re really here for is what happened when the video went viral with Noah’s help.

According to Noah’s socials, he’s a videographer and editor, and you’ll find plenty of long- and short-form content on his YouTube. Throughout his shorter videos, you’ll find a bunch of videos like the one we have today, where he points out various entitled, creepy, and generally insensitive-to-the-point-of -stupid people.

Today’s video is no different. It appeared on TikTok with original deletion of bullies that got over 5.3M views and Noah shows the reasons they sent him and asked to delete the previous video that got a total of 7.3M. Although these videos are big on TikTok, on reels Noah’s Instagram page he netted from 15 to 18M views at a time. Just goes to show you that people are there for enjoyable content made against gym bullies.

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After shamelessly pointing out and making fun of an innocent guy who pretended to be working out in clown makeup and getting slammed online after people saw Noah’s video, the couple took down the original video, which was good enough for Noah. He should have stopped there and not updated anymore and they would probably just fade into obscurity.

They just need to go after him and ask him to remove that video. Instead of doing that, Noah did another video, showing their message to the world. In the message, they excuse themselves as “playfully pointing” with their fingers and downplay the fact that there was any bullying in the video.

Many comments on the video pointed out that the girls downplaying what they did was a bit of textbook gaslighting as they tried to create a certain false narrative that what every viewer of the original video saw was not really what it was. they saw

Instead of making a reasonable response (not that one is needed), Noah sends a nonsensical voice message, indirectly calling Debbs a yapper – someone who talks a lot (yaps) with little or no substance.

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Finally, Noah shared third videowith an amazing conclusion to this story: the video went so viral that it reached a man who used to work at the gym and thus knew the manager, leading to the banning of the couple from the gym!

Good riddance and good luck finding another horrible gym! In case you want to stay updated if the girls will post an update video, you can just find Bern and Debbs on TikTok.

Now, if you’re unfortunately dealing with a bully at the gym, but you don’t have a platform as big as Noah’s, there are a few things you can do, even according to Megafied Fitness.

You can try to confront your bully yourself, either by ignoring them or standing up to them by making sure you don’t let the hurtful comments fly. Alternatively, you can involve the trainers or gym management, asking them to do something about your bully’s behavior.

If the leadership isn’t numb, maybe it’s better to find a less toxic place to exercise or do like Noah and make sure everyone knows about their behavior. Most importantly, don’t doubt yourself. You are in the gym for one reason – improving yourself – and no one has the right to talk you down, regardless of your experience or progress.

Noah’s legend has garnered 16.8M views across three videos, with the second most popular video garnering over 1.1M likes. What did you think of the videos? Have you ever talked to a gym bully or freaked out yourself? Let us know below.

The community is appalled by the girls’ behavior, especially in pleasing Noah to give them their due

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