Holiday stress falls harder on moms. Here are some tips to help

More than twice as many mothers as fathers report high levels of holiday stress, according to a poll. Here are ways to help you enjoy the season of giving

PHOENIX It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but what about the people tasked with making all the holiday magic happen?

A national study shows that while many parents try to deck the halls, they feel very anxious, especially mothers.

It’s that time of year. It’s hustle and bustle for moms and dads, like Roopa Subramanya Shetty and Deepak Venkatachalapathy from Tempe.

We like to go outing, he said. We love to wander all over the place nearby.

They spent the day shopping at Tempe Marketplace with their 3-year-old son.

Subramanya Shetty credits her husband as the most relaxed parent when it comes to holiday stress.

He is, he said. I get frustrated easily.

Yes, unless we go out, he said. He is a trouble maker.

Moms and dads share what’s on their minds, as they tackle their seemingly endless to-do lists.

I think exciting, said Gianna Tijerana, mom of 3. Im a procrastinator though, so its starting to feel stressful, but mostly just exciting.

However, according to a recent national poll by the University of Michigan, the intensity of burnout among mothers is higher than among fathers.

I feel like dads are just more laid back, chill knowing that everything is just going to work out, said Ryan Tijerana, Giannas’ husband.

I wish I got all the chills my wife got, but I don’t know why, she said. but for sure it’s true.

In fact, the study shows that 23% of mothers report high stress during the holidays, twice the level of fathers at 12%. It also shows the stress of a mother during the holiday season which often affects every member of the family.

The truth is, sometimes we can’t do everything, and some things have to wait, which is okay if you ask Dr. Barbara Schulte, a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner at Denova Collaborative Health.

Right now, she’s seeing an influx of moms.

They were asked to do all the things they normally do, but now we have to do the holiday shopping, the meal planning and all the extra stuff, he said. and children who are out of school can be very burdened with their schedules at home compared to school.

said Dr. Schulte said there are many stress factors, but a big one is balancing the expectations of grandparents and in-laws and trying to avoid family fights during what should be the happiest time of the year. year.

My number one thing is to reframe beginning to change our mindset, he said. We know it’s only one season.

said Dr. Schulte says moms need to be more open to asking for help when they feel stress coming on.

It’s really hard to please everyone, and it’s definitely not going to happen. I think it’s important to just focus on what you can control, he says.

said Dr. Schulte that it’s also a good idea to stick to a schedule, even when your kids aren’t in school.

Above all, for most parents but especially moms out there, at this time of year, it’s key to remember there is no one superwoman.

That’s not true, he said.

Try to put those feelings aside as best you can, to have a happy and bright time, but if that’s not possible, she recommends getting help.

We have a network of people, and if you don’t, try and see who you can find, said Dr. Schulte. It’s important to surround yourself with people who will support you.”

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