I’m a nutritionist to the royals, here are 3 ways to reverse aging in 2 weeks

The fountain of youth may be just two weeks away.

That’s according to UK-based nutritionist Gabriela Peacock, who told The Sun she’s helped high-profile individuals reverse the signs of aging with the right diet.

Science is clear that we all have the power to make simple life-changing changes to better ourselves in the future no matter what genetic hand we may have been dealt,” said Peacock, who has worked with royals such as of Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry, said .

The author, whose book “2 Weeks to a Younger You: Secrets to Living Longer and Feeling Fantastic” was released earlier this year, says it’s natural for many people to “indulge in unhealthy habits In food.”

The health guru says junk food, smoking, alcohol, pollution and PFAs from bottled water are all culprits that lead to early signs of aging.

“But we all have the potential to change this,” he told The Sun. “Regardless of your age or state of health, it’s never too late to reverse how fast you’re aging and embrace the energy and vitality of a younger you.”

According to Peacock, doing just three things can help slow the aging process for a more youthful appearance.

Peacock has worked with royals such as Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry. Dave Bennett/Getty Images

Avoid sugar

Sugar leads to inflammation, he said. bit24 – stock.adobe.com

While it may be difficult for anyone with a sweet tooth, Peacock advises that saying no to sugar is not only good for overall health, but can also slow down aging.

The nutritional therapist explained that sugar leads to “chronic inflammation, which is one of the worst enemies of aging.”

Eating sugar can lead to weight gain, but as Peacock points out, “energy and hormonal levels will be affected and this will influence how you look and feel,” too.

Get your nutrients

A balanced diet with fruits and vegetables provides many of the nutrients you need. VisualProduction – stock.adobe.com

Of course, having a balanced diet benefits overall health, but certain nutrients have anti-aging superpowers, he said.

The founder of GP Nutrition called the “antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E” abundant in fruits and vegetables “important in neutralizing free radicals that are the culprits behind premature aging.”

Along with antioxidants, he says omega-3 fatty acids can actually reduce fine lines and wrinkles by moisturizing the skin and promoting elasticity. Eating fatty fish like salmon will do the trick. For more skin elasticity, Peacock says collagen, found in lean protein and bone broth, is also important.

And finally, Peacock recommends ensuring a healthy amount of protein, which is “very good for your body.”

Hot and cold

Extreme temperatures can be a very effective anti-aging technique.

Peacock says there are many ways to take a cold shower, including walking or exercising outside in the winter or switching to cold water at the end of the shower.

Peacock suggests sitting in the sauna for up to 15 minutes then switching to a cold plunge. leszekglasner – stock.adobe.com

“To lighten things up, why not try a few seconds of cold water at the end of your shower?” he recommended. “I now try up to one to two minutes before switching to warmer waters.”

Another way to try heat and cold therapy is to enter a sauna for five to 15 minutes and then jump into the cold plunge to help “build resilience.”

“If you do it a few times the body learns to adapt, and you get used to it,” he added.

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