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Bisleri has announced Deepika Padukone as its first global brand ambassador. The announcement was made through a campaign – #DrinkItUp which saw Padukone, grooving to the 80s hit – Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba. The campaign focused on hydration messaging going mainstream.

e4m spoke to Tushar Malhotra, Head of Marketing at Bisleri to know more about the campaign and associations.

Edited excerpts:

Why Deepika Padukone?

There are three goals why we are doing this campaign, the first goal is to lead the narrative about hydration, that hydration is fun. The second goal is to look at the evolution of our communication journey, we are looking to consolidate the brand and build more connections with the youth, with GenZ and Millenials. And the third is who can make hydration more fun than Deepika Padukone. He is a global icon, he has a great youth following and his value system and the work he does reflects the brand.

Talk to us about the campaign and its various nuances.

We had multiple conversations with our consumers about the role of water, and what they connected with when it came to Bisleri, and ultimately what we found was that everyone is concerned about health in the post-pandemic world. Everyone wants to be fit and the main things they do is exercise and drink water so hydration is an important part of everyday life and we have been hydrating India for the past 50 years . This is a simple consumer view but now we are developing a large-scale communication about that.

Talk to us about the creative process behind the campaign. Old songs being remixed and used in ad campaigns has become a trend, how did you do it?

For us, it was about the feeling of being refreshed, we want a happy song. It’s a song that’s there but still not there, it’s not overdone, it’s fresh when we hear the remix.

How important is it for brands that have become synonymous for the products they offer, to continue marketing? (Packaged bottled water – Bisleri)

You have to keep talking to consumers, every brand has to talk to consumers every day, and that’s how you build brand love.

Would you partner with sports properties like yours, especially for this campaign?

As far as sports, #carryyourgame continues to be our sports marketing campaign, which is all about performance fitness and being active. We have four IPL teams, 6 ISL teams and the national games. So that journey continues to #carryyourgame, #DrinkItUp is your household, drink water, have fun, it’s about celebrating drinking water in everyday life.

What is the campaign’s media strategy?

It’s going to be everywhere, 60-65% on TV, Digital is also a big part so another 30-35%, and then OOH will have about 10-15% of the budget. Padukone will also be a part of all Bisleri product packaging. We will also be doing influencer outreach for this campaign and we have onboarded a lot of influencers for that. Through these different touchpoints, we aim to offer consumers an immersive and engaging experience.

Bisleri does a lot of film associations, how does that work for you?

I think the brand association journey started in the South when we were looking to build local connections and love for the brand. We know that movies play a big part in South Indian culture, all movie stars are icons. We started our journey with RRR and that led to at least 10 associations that happened down south. These are the limited edition products that we launch at the time of the release of the movies. We’ve seen consumers like it and retailers embrace it, so people are starting to look forward to what we’re going to do next. So we went to the country with Jawan and Tiger 3, it helped us build love for the brand.

How is your ecommerce business growing?

We are seeing 60-70% YoY growth, we have many consumers enrolled. Fast trade is also great. Digital water purchasing is really taking off. They are still in the nascent stage, I would say 5% of our overall business comes from these channels. Our digital spend has increased, we have campaigns specifically created for that, now if you look at the media consumption habits of young people, it’s mostly on their phones and mostly on connected TV. So digital plays a big part in the kind of conversations we have with our consumers as well.

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