Samsung Announces New Medication Tracking Feature for Samsung Health

Users can now use the Samsung Health app to easily track medication regimens and receive helpful tips about usage

Samsung Electronicstoday announced a new Medication tracking feature1 to be added to the Samsung Health app2 to help users manage their health more comprehensively. The new feature will help users easily track both their prescription and over-the-counter medications and provide important, relevant information and tips about these medications. In particular, it can help those who regularly take medications and those who take supplements for general well-being.

Samsung Health aims to help people better understand and manage their health through a holistic platform by connecting devices, services and people, said Hon Pak, Vice President and Head of Digital Health Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics. With the addition of the new Medication tracking feature, we believe users will be able to more conveniently manage their medications, improve adherence and ultimately maintain better overall health.

Upon entering the name of a selected medication in Samsung Health, the Medications feature will provide users with detailed information that includes general descriptions as well as possible side effects. Adverse reactions that may occur from drug-to-drug interactions or if taken in conjunction with certain foods and substances such as caffeine and alcohol, are also provided. An example of this is, if a user is taking the prescription drug Simvastatin, Samsung Health will warn the user that the drug has been linked to serious side effects when combined with grapefruit juice. Users can even log the shape and color of their pills, allowing them to easily differentiate between the pills they’re taking. Dosage, time of consumption and other details can also be added to avoid any potential confusion.

Users can set up alerts that remind them when to take their medications and when they should consider refilling them. These alerts are fine-tuned to the individual user so the Medications feature is able to prioritize medications depending on their importance, with Samsung Health sending reminders from mild to strong depending on whether how important or urgent a given prescription is. For essential medications, users can set a loud reminder that will display a full screen alert on their smartphone accompanied by a long tone. For supplements like vitamins, a simple pop-up reminder will appear that won’t bother the user. Galaxy Watch users will also receive reminders right on their wrist so they can stick to their medication schedules, even when away from their phones.

The Samsung Health app provides a range of advanced health offerings that cover sleep management,3mental programs and irregular heart rhythm detection4 abilities. With the addition of the Medication tracking feature, Samsung Health delivers a truly holistic wellness experience that helps users maintain a healthier lifestyle while maintaining their medication regimens.

The Medicines tracking feature will first be available in the Samsung Health app in the US through app updates that will be released later this week.

1 The Samsung Health Medications feature is intended to help users manage their medication list and schedule. The information provided is evidence-based content licensed from Elsevier, a global leader in information and analytics.

2 Requires a smartphone with Android 8.0 or later and Samsung Health app version 6.26 or later. Availability for features may vary by device.

3 Sleep features are intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. The measurements are for your personal reference only. Please consult a medical professional for advice.

4 The IHRN feature is only available in select markets. Available on Wear OS devices version 4.0 or later. It is not intended to provide notification of every episode of irregular rhythm indicative of AFib and the absence of notification is not intended to indicate that no disease process is present. It is not intended for users with other known arrhythmias. The features are supported through the Samsung Health Monitor app. Availability may vary by market or device. Due to market restrictions on obtaining approval/registration as Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), this only works with watches and smartphones purchased in markets where the service is currently available (however, the service may be restricted when users travel to non-service. markets). This app can only be used for measurement at the age of 22 and above.

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