There Is Only One Way To Stop Being Afraid Of Anything

I talk a lot about fear. Fear fascinates me because of its power.

We usually think of someone experiencing fear when they are faced with something dangerous, but that is the power of fear. You don’t have to be in any real danger for your nervous system to act like you are.

What you need to know about fear:

  • Your mind is stronger than fear.
  • Everything you fear is worse in your imagination than reality.
  • We tend to focus on what is missing and what could go wrong.
  • People are naturally more pessimistic than optimistic.

This is the result of Amos Tversky’s Loss Aversion Bias, a natural cognitive bias that serves a great purpose in keeping us safe and alive, but it can also result in debilitating fear, anxiety, and nervousness.

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What are you really afraid of?

All your fears return to weakness. You are not afraid of pain. You are not afraid to die. You fear what you cannot control.

This is why people fear public speaking more than death.

The speaker is completely vulnerable and has no control over the audience’s reactions. They might think you’re good. They might think you’re stupid. You usually don’t care what they think, but you open yourself up to their judgment. The abuse of this weakness is what you really fear.

Your physical fears are based on this concept.

Regardless of how hardened you are, your worst fear about death is related to facing something inevitable that won’t end right away. It’s not burning, drowning, spiders, snakes, or heights that scare you.

It’s dealing with something that exposes your human weakness in a way that shows how powerless you are.

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